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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 18, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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randallstown barricade, one man dead, has wife shot in the face. >> what led to the violent standoff. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. an 8-year-old boy was inside a baltimore county home when police believe his father shot his mother, setting off a four- hour standoff. -- four-hour standoff. wjz is live. suzanne collins has more on how it all came to a stand. >> reporter: it was very early morning to midday, when they realized they could not negotiate with this person, this suspect who was armed in the house, so they go in and find him dead inside. [ dogs barking ] >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team races randallstown. an armored car is brought in, all for an armed man, barricaded in his home.
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a man flies his wife to shock trauma because she is shot multiple times in the face. >> the child is out of the house. and the child is safe right now. we're making every effort to make every contact with the subject in the house. >> reporter: police had to rescue an 8-year-old boy who ran from the home, a kings park neighbor watched the drama. >> i saw him right here. >> reporter: for four hours, people living in the area could not get in or out. people were kept inside their homes while the danger of flying bullets remained. >> i pulled in, and they stopped me and sent me back. i've been here about two hours, waiting to get in. >> reporter: and the suspect who died has been identified as terrence wilson, 36 years old. his wife is not named. she is in shock trauma, in critical but stable condition. >> the shooting victim is in shock trauma, in critical but
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stable condition. police have not yet released her name. and we are following breaking news now out of ohio. police say they have found the bodies of three people missing since last week. a mother, a family friend, and the mother's son were found. the mother's 13-year-old daughter was found gagged inside a house. a man is charged with her kidnapping. battered by severe winds. right now, hundreds of families are cleaning up from a violent storm. a live look shows us the massive damage in northeast baltimore. derek valcourt is tracking the progress in baltimore county. but let's begin with mike schuh in the city. >> well, hi, kai. it looks like something out of tornado alley. and it all happened in an instant. city officials can't remember a single event, which put more people out of their home. >> it was crazy.
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>> northwest baltimore has never sen anything like this. >> we have not had an instant like that as i can remember. when you have a total of 359 units. that's devastating. >> metal everywhere. >> before the cleanup. police check i.d.s. and only allow residents near these buildings. >> i think this meant that i should compact. >> while she got her medicine, laura got something even better. >> felt like a freight train coming through. >> everybody says that. >> it does. it shakes. like literally shakes. >> i'm still here. i'm still here. that's all that matters to me. no one got hurt. and i'm safe. >> it was a true miracle. and i want to take a moment to thank god for sparing lives yesterday. >> 54 total units were condemned. and the city says they placed
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all but 14 people from those units in housing tonight. and they may have the city shelter open, at deboise high school, but it's also possible if they get that low enough, they may put them autopsy in hotels this evening. reporting live, back to you on tv hill. >> all right, mike. thank you. homeowners are also hard at work in baltimore county. big repairs are under way. >> officials say it's impossible to know how many storms the trees were torn down. but they're not all small trees. i can tell you that. check this out. it is huge. it came down in the middle of the storm. literally uprooted. >> missed the corner of this house by just a matter of inches. only minor danger for this particular homes. but other homes in this area, not so lucky. saws were buzzing, hatchets
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were flying. and limbs were falling. >> total debris all over the yard is just enough. >> homeowners up to their elbows. because it's not just one or two trees down. dozens of monstrous trees have toppled. >> well, there's one. but everyone has been hit. >> reporter: so many trees down, the power company is still out in force, fixing things, as are plenty of contractors, hired to quickly repair or replace damaged rooms on several homes and garages. >> some of these yards look like a disaster zone. with trees down everywhere, many of the homeowners still waiting for their insurance adjustors to come out and survey the damage. >> i don't know how much they're going to cover and how much i've got to cover. >> reporter: no matter where the money comes from, it all adds up to a busy do nanz -- bonanza. >> it makes a lot of people happy to do this for a living, like me. >> reporter: but homeowners like cameron brandon aren't smiling. he's lost too much. and knows the cleanup ahead won't be easy. >> it's a lot of damage. >> how long do you think you'll
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be cleaning? >> every two weeks. >> you can see right now, contractors hard at work, a lot of roofing repairs to be done here. in fact, county officials here in baltimore county say an estimated 92 homes had at least minor damage. we are told three of those homes were damaged so severely that the county had to tell the folks they could not stay there for the night. right now, they are uninhabitable until repairs are made. we're live in parkville, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the national weather service is still trying to figure out if baltimore was, in fact, hit by a tornado. meteorologist tim williams has more on how that decision is made. >> reporter: you might wonder why it's taking them so long to make the determination. but there are so many factors. first of all, the types of wind that come through. no matter what type, the winds are damaging no matter what. destructive straight line winds. they ride the terrain ask blast right into whatever is in their
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way. that caused the same type of damage that tornadoes do typically. but those speeds can -- winds can reach speeds of 180 miles per hour. they splinter off a jet stream and come down to the ground level and hit anything and tear it up. tornadic winds, well, they can really cause anything from light to moderate damage. anything to windows being blown up. to significant to severe damage. typically, what they're watching is for damage done in a rotating kind of a form. they're going to be making that determination. we're told now that they will have the determination made sometime after 6:00 p.m. today. >> all right, tim. thank you. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage. remember, wjz is always on. for live doppler radar, log onto we have new information about the body found in a cardboard box on a busy maryland highway. today, police have identified
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the man found near the braddock heights exit on i-70 near frederick. they say 36-year-old hacovo vasquez's body was dumped there. police believe 34-year-old marvin palensia killed him. there is a warrant out for his arrest. but he is nowhere to be found. anyone with information leading to his arrest could receive a $25,000 reward from police. a man dies trying to protect his friend. police arrest another teenager in the case. denise is in the newsroom with an update. >> reporter: police say a 20- year-old man was shot and killed inside a glen burnie pizza shop. now, 18-year-old sean johnson is facing murder charges. detectives say he is one of four people who stormed mr. wings and pizza, friday with guns. mirnl fluor -- michelle fluores told them to hold the gun where he was standing. flores later died in the
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hospital. another is charged withda -- charged as an adult, with murder. >> anyone with information about the shooting should contact detectives. some racy text messages land a former baltimore sun executive in the spotlight. according to the newspaper reports, jay montgomery cook, is accused of sending sexual text messages to a student where he worked as a journalism instructor. he just resigned from that job, amid those allegations. cook left as editor and senior vice president of the baltimore sun earlier this year. >> reporter: if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. hi, sharon. >> hi there, kai. i'm happy to say, it's not so bad out there. no major delays at this point. there is an accident at route 26. in fact, we have two accidents
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on the city eastern boulevard. crash in glen burnie on richie highway. another on fort smallworld road. and one more in gambrels. annapolis road. otherwise, you're looking at slight delays on 95 northbound between 895 and the beltway. that will set you back about four minutes. you can see there are a few speed sensors there at like 50 miles an hour. there's a look at your average times. slowest spot on the west side inner loop between 95 and 795. we can take a live look outside at spaghetti junction. that is 95 and 395, running smoothly, without delays. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. visit cochran for a free consultation. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. pistol whipped inside a cvs. what two men stole during this violent robbery. wall street in a frenzy.
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why general motors' big comeback is great news for taxpayers. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, fighting winter on the runways before it starts to snow. that story on eyewitness news. pleasant november conditions. are there any changes in the forecast? the answer is still ahead. ,,,,,
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we have breaking news. let's go to sky eye chopper 13 and captain mike perry with more. what's happening? >> behind the arbutus, in the 5200 block. apparently, fire officials received the call of green -- green tint to the water. they have arrived on the scene. they have been unable to determine exactly what cause the water to turn green here. so they requested maryland department of the environment
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at the scene. at this point, it is not known if whreafer is leaking here is harmful to anyone. they are keeping a safe distance. and they have hazmat crews in the area. >> almost has the look of antifreeze, doesn't it? >> yeah. but the county uses this green dye to sometimes test the sewers. it possibly could be that. but we're waiting to hear. >> we'll check back in with you later. violent holdup at a florida drug store. it's all caught on tape. tampa police are looking at the suspect still captured on video. pistol whipped the store manager and made off with prescription drugs. the suspect also stole several cars there. they are considered armed and dangerous. the fbi has arrested two members of victed. annette bon journo and joanne
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crepy were charged with multiple counts of security. and tax evasion. government officials say the women helped bernard madoff bilk investors out of billions of dollars. today's arrest brings the total number in charge to 8. if convicted, the women could face a maximum prison sentence of 75 years each. general motors gets a warm welcome on wall street. could end up as the nation's largest ever. alexis christoforous reports for wjz, it could raise more than $23 billion. it was general motors day on wall street. from the new cars parked outside, to the smiling ceo ringing the opening bell. there were each special sound effects [ sounds of a car ] >> this triggered off a trend of enthusiasm. shares started at $37 and jumped right from the open. >> great day, not only for detroit, not only for wall
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street, but for main street. because gm definitely transcends everything. >> and gm's return seems to be reassuring its customers. >> reporter: the evans heard about buying a japanese car. >> we were trying to determine if we were going to go hyundai or toyota or whatever. after this, we said, we're going back to chevy. >> reporter: from the dealership to the stock market, gm's public stock is a big deal. >> reporter: the money will help repay the treasury's $50 billion bailout. but to support its stock price, gm will need to keep revving up sales. the company says this is the time for it. >> i think north american car industry is the healthiest. >> for gm dealers, feels like a upon turning point. >> was today a good day? absolutely.
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>> gm shareholders were wiped out. they are promising this time, it will be different. alexis christoforous. >> how were they moved on wall street. nasdaq up 38. pain management is a problem that affects many of us. can can be difficult to deal with at times. mary bubala is live in studiob with our information. >> reporter: yes. we're with sharon. we're going to talk a little about arthritis. something you're familiar with because you've dealt with it as well. >> yes. >> how does it affect people's lives? >> well, it affects people's lives with lots of pain. you don't want to do anything. it robs you of your quality of life. and it makes you look very old.
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>> i'm sure it does. but you look very young. so tell me some of the things you do and what you've done to help patients. >> well, i had a hip replacement. that had given me my life back. i'm back into doing my workouts, enjoying life again, golfing, bowling, dancing, all kinds of things i like to do. and mainly my regular workout routines i like a whole lot. >> reporter: what medicine works better for you? or is it just being more physically active in different ways. >> more physically active. i'm off of all medications. it's just taking control of your life and not having that pain of every day. and getting back into enjoying life again. >> reporter: so when you work with patients who suffer from arthritis. what are some of the things you help them with. i know you teach them tai chi. that has to help. >> yes. tai chi is wonderful. i also encourage them to get as much information as they can. there are lots of ways for treatment. >> we'll give the phone number
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for people one more time. back to you in the studio. if you'd like to ask the experts about pain management, you can do so by calling. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00, security alert. did terrorists smuggle a bomb onto another plane? barefoot bandit. a teen accused of stealing boats and cars and planes, has his day in court. how he's building his defense. and is there a fall warmup ahead? wjz has the latest. click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what is turning out to be a pretty nice afternoon. we could have had pretty unsettled weather for this day. but turning out to not be so bad. most is passing by across pennsylvania. anything else showing up on the radar, i should say, south of
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the mason-dixon line, really has not made it to the ground. it has contributed to our cloud cover as we moved into the afternoon. but we did get up to temperatures close to 60 degrees. and that's pretty comfortable for this time of year. >> wind from the negotiate and northwest. much lower wind. 30.10 is your barometer reading. 46 in cumberland. temperatures in the low to mid- 50s across most of the 5 corridor. and 56 toward pax river. again, just light breeze. and 13 and 11 miles per hour respectively. low pressure moving to the north. and another system moving to the south of us. both of them, again, add d to the cloud cover.
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no real rain made it into the mid-atlantic. the front associated with this low-pressure system, moving to our outh, well, we're going to see the temperatures cool down just a little bit into tomorrow. but we'll also dry out and start to see more clear skies. by late tonight, we'll start to see the clearing. and until the middle of the week or so. and we'll start to see leveling out. we'll have another nice run of temperatures here. up around 50 degrees here very soon. and the following is at 4:37. 36 degrees tonight. cloudy. becoming very clear very late. and tomorrow, mostly sunny. 52 degrees. not a bad friday. and we'll start to get into the 60s. >> today is even nicer than we thought. >> saturday and sunday. >> not bad. >> thank you, sir. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on
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the cbs evening news. trillions of dollars in debt. we'll put this in focus tonight only on the cbs evening news. next at 4:00. a regular day on the job ends with a nail through a man's head. how surgeons performed a medical miracle. corruptions case. feds say she stuffed $80,000 inside her underwear. will leslie johnson still be allowed on the county council? and customers outraged over what they found on receipts. eyewitness news at 4:00 with
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it is just before 4:30. 52 degrees and partly cloudy. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. >> here's what people are talking about. did it happen again?
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german police are investigating. charlie d'agata is in london with more. landed safely after a bomb scare. more than 300 passengers and crew were ordered off the plane. and all of the luggage and cargo were screened. also investigating the bag could have had a label, indicating it was a security risk. the interior minister says the nation faces a heightened risk from islamic militants. and that intelligence is warning attacks could happen in the coming months. this woman says she is
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frightened and afraid. two were found in yemen, bound for the u.s. german police are headed to africa, to investigate the latest suspicious package. in london, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> they all had to identify their bags. she is at the height of a federal corruption probe. and now, the people say they do not want leslie johnson sitting on their council. >> neighbors have started a petition to keep johnson from taking her place on the county council. johnson was arrested, alongside her husband, jack johnson. prosecutors say they heard johnson tell his wife to destroy a check for $180,000.
4:32 pm
agents say johnson was a key figure in a pay-to-play scam. both johnsons are facing up to 20 years year if convicted. >> there is no state law to prevent leslie johnson from being sworn in next week. house ethics lawyer has recommended censure. it's the most serious punishment, short of of expulsion. >> he arrived, serious and sullen. convicted by an ethics panel of 11 violations. congressman rangel was here. >> mr. rangel can no longer blame anyone other than himself. >> they recommended rangel get the second toughest punishment.
4:33 pm
>> this conduct served to undermine public trust in had institution. >> he suggested rangle should be censured by congress. more serious than a reprimand, but less than expulsion from the house. >> rangel would be just the 23rd to be censured by his peers. it would mean he would be escorted in front of the house chamber to receive a public rebuke. >> he was accused of running a campaign office outside of his subsidized harlem apartment. the congressman said he was careless, but not corrupt. he admitted he made mistakes. >> no matter what you decide in the sanctions that you put in there, that charles rangel never sought any personal gain. >> reporter: after the ethics panel makes its full decision,
4:34 pm
the full house will have to vote for or less with this 80- year-old political giant. >> rangel had no attorneys present for today's proceedings. but he did bring his fellow congressman john lewis from georgia. a beloved washington, d.c. principal killed in his home. now, another man charged in the case cuts a deal with prosecutors. charise lancaster has pleaded guilty to robbery and with knows charges. lancaster and two other men were charged with the murder of brian bets last april. his codefendant, alente saunders also pleaded guilty to shooting bets inside his silver spring home. day 2, the jury continues to deliberate in the murder trial of chandra levy. the washington intern's death made national headlines, after she was romantically linked to then-congressman gary condit.
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prosecutors say levy's death fits the pattern of other crimes committed by guandique that year. facing a long list of charges. mary has more on what the teen had to say after evading police for years. >> colton harrison-moore said just two words during today's arraignment, "not guilty." he is famous for crime spree that spread two years in two countries. he took the last aircraft to the bahamas, where he was caught four months ago. the teen became known as the barefoot bandit, because police say he opted not to wear shoes in many of his crimes. >> four of the counts come with a maximum of 10 years in prison. little did we know that this year at this time, we were exactly one month away from our first blizzard.
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they are plowing runways at bwi marshall. >> reporter: tis the season at bwi marshall, to break out the hardware, in case another hard winter is coming. >> you have to push it all off. >> reporter: last winter, three big storms left a record six feet. that meant round-the-clock plowing when possible. >> you just kind of follow behind the next guy. and try to stay as safe as you can. >> reporter: staging equipment on a nice day, still takes training to master the landmarks and directions signals. not always easy when working around active runway and aircraft. >> aircraft always have the right of way. >> clear across runway 22. >> at bwi marshall, maintenance crews practice to this simulator. >> we go as high as every sign, every light, every paint mark on the field into this simulation. >> reporter: then they covered it all up to practice in snow,
4:37 pm
day and night. >> it gives them familiarization, without actually being on the airfield. >> clear across runway 422. >> keeps their eye off the aircraft. and they follow the directions of the air traffic controller. it's absolutely critical. and they're ready for winter. >> bwi marshall has 75 snow crew to deal with these kind of conditions. and dry conditions in the areas, as we take a live look outside now. are there warmer temperatures on the way? wjz has weather and traffic now with the updated numbers. no snow in the region. a look at radar. very widely scattered sprinkle here and there. temperatures, 53. as we head into tomorrow, it
4:38 pm
will be a little cooler than today. mid-50s today. tomorrow, high pressure blooming. looks like temperatures with sunshine in the low 50s, which is just about one or two degrees below average for this time of year. come back and take a look at the weekend. so far, not a bad commute. we have an accident. biit is on the west side, outer loop at reisterstown road. speeds in that area, still looking good. watch for a wreck in sykesville, route 32 at route 26. another coming into us in cockeysville. another there. one more at severn. as far as delays go, we have them on the beltway. let's look at 295 at 395 at
4:39 pm
spaghetti junction. heavy volume on the inner loop. this report is brought to you by the 2011. achieved five stars for safety. back over to you. >> thank you, sharon. there are plenty of royal secrets surrounding the wedding of britain's prince william and his fiance, kate middleton. but one question stands out, where will the ceremony take place. >> reporter: london's westminster abbey is the hot favorite to host the next year. after prince william's fiance, kate middleton, was seen walking out of the church wednesday night. >> almost certainly, that's where it is going to be. we're just waiting for the official announcement. >> reporter: in one way, it's the perfect fit. prince william's grandmother, the queen, was married there in
4:40 pm
1947. so was her mother, william's great grandmother. but the london landmark holds painful memories for the prince. he was only 15, when he followed the coffin of his mother, princess diana, into westminster abbey, before her funeral in 1997. >> the historic church is right in the heart of central london, and just around the corner from buckingham palace. it also has enough room to fit 2,000 wedding guests. >> but it's got a rival across town. st. paul's cathedral is also in the running. and it, too, has bittersweet family ties. it's where william's parents, prince charles and princess diana walked down the aisle in 1981. that ended in a painful and public divorce. nobody wants that overshadowing the ceremony. >> it needs to be uplifting. and the whole nation can be enjoying and loving it. i think it should be quite special. >> the royal couple is planning the wedding of the century apart. prince william is returning to
4:41 pm
wales where he served as a chopper pilot, while kate is reportedly staying at his grandmother's pad, buckingham palace. >> charlie d'agata, weesmg eyewitness news. >> because william is second in line to the throne after his father, the ceremony won't be a royal occasion, but no question, it will be grand. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. a massive manhunt in two states. how a man escaped from handcuffs and shackles. imagine running into a boa constrictor, while you're loading groceries in your car. where it happened. bob turk has the answer on the forecast coming up.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me!
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. one person is dead after a massive fire rips through a home. a woman came home to find her
4:45 pm
home in flames. her gabled husband was believed to be inside. fire crews were not able to get in. the incident is under investigation. an suv crossed the is it the centerline and crashed into the school bus. five were treated for minor injuries. the search for police -- a man who escaped police custody is over. >> jose rodriguez was capture bide u.s. marshals. he was originally taken in handcuffed, shackled and somehow managed to drive off, apparently using his knees to steer. the abandoned car was later located about five miles away. police were able to locate rodriguez through a cell phone trace. vic? >> it's still unclear where rodriguez was headed, who he was with, or how the fugitive
4:46 pm
got to connecticut. what started out as any other day on the work site, ended up in what doctors are calling a medical miracle. the x-rays shocked even the most seasoned surgeons. >> everything very quick. bam, bam, bam. >> reporter: and within moments... a 3 and a quarter-inch nail was embedded in victor ben benevides' nail. >> this is what it looked like? >> yes. >> they launched the nail through his mouth. ending up a fraction of a mill matter -- millimeter, away from his brain. >> my teeth are broke. >> reporter: he didn't realize until later, it was so much more than that. he was rushed to the emergency room at cedars-sinai, where scans showed just how delicate the situation was. on call was dr. kimberly lee, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. >> when i saw the picture, it
4:47 pm
was extremely, premly shocking. i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: she knew any movement of the nail in victor and he could go blind, have brain damage or bleed to death. >> you can see that the nail has gone through the palate, the bone of the pal on the, all the way to the area, behind the eye socket. >> reporter: within hours, victor was on the operating table. and dr. lee knew exactly what she had to do. one wrong move and victor's life could change forever. >> there are no instruments that are made to take out nails. there's no lecture that is given in medical school to deal with taking out a nail. >> reporter: dr. lee weighed her options. in the end, she used a dental extractor to take the nail out. she removed it in one piece, taking it out along the same path it went in, with no damage. >> good for her. doctors say it took over four hours to remove the nail from benevides' head. tonight, a promising new treatment for people who can't seem to get their blood pressure under control.
4:48 pm
the minimally invasive procedure zaps the nerves. patients who underwent the treatment saw the top number of their blood pressure reading drop an average of 33 points. most only give about a 10-point drop. service with a smile? one sacramento man might beg to differ. the man said he ordered some food from a burger king drive- through. but when he checked his meal, he noticed an employee had printed a few choice words. the manager brushed him off. so he took the case to incorporate. the employee responsible for the words, and the manager were both fired soon after. imagine running from a snake. that's what happened to several shoppers in california today. they said they were unloading snakes into a car. this was a 9-foot-long boa constrictor. animal control managed to pull it out. they think the boa is someone's
4:49 pm
lost pet. we have breaking news. captain mike perry with more. >> reporter: hi, vic. we're in the 600 block of cedar day drive. this is in abingdon, harford county, with a sport utility vehicle that passenger has departed and crashed in the woods. the vehicle is on its side. one person was trapped inside. there -- this is a rescue in progress. harford county officials are working at the scene. police have just gotten to the scene. no word on the cause of this accident. back to you on tv hill. >> okay. thank you very much. captain mike perry. well, take a look at one of the newest and rarest of the zoo atlanta family. lum lum, the zoo's resident panda, gave birth to her third cub about two weeks ago. zookeepers say the newborn baby boy is fully nursing and that he won't be weaned until he's about 2 years old. there are only 11 giant pandas in the united states. 1600 living in the entire world. >> wow.
4:50 pm
>> pink right now. >> yes. sure is. don't miss cbs's primetime lineup. and the ravens are back on the road on sunday, to face the carolina panthers. you can see the game live at 1:00 p.m., right here on wjz 13. well, a calm day across maryland. the sun setting, as we take a live look outside. >> bob turk has your updated first warning weather forecast coming up next. but look at this beautiful picture. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pretty sky there. we've had clouds in and out. maybe a sprinkle in a couple of spots. tomorrow is going to be a day much like today. maybe one or two degrees cooler. we're at 53 now. dew points come down to 32 degrees. humidity at 44%. winds west at 9. and these winds coming down now. tend to dry things out. that's one of the reasons they get the precip.
4:54 pm
barometer, right now, it's rising. 30.10 inches. 58, 38 today. the average is 55 and there 34. and the record, 78 and 20 back in 1959. around the rest of the state right now, temperatures are a little below average. 54, ocean city. and look at that. only 34 in oakland. now, in some of the higher mountains, i'm talking 3,000 feet, maybe a few flakes of snow this afternoon. that's about it. 48 in hagerstown. 54 in d.c. and 56 down at pax river. the winds have primarily been out. west. -- out of the west. but most places have been under 10 miles an hour. 9, 12 in d.c. 10 in oakland. but temperatures pretty chilly. ocean city, only around 6 miles an hour. a weak system, we talked about it yesterday, was over kansas. it's moved to portions of
4:55 pm
southern this morning. into northern alabama and mississippi. it's moving off to the east. you can see the precip. very, very weak area of low pressure. and it does have some shower activity with it. a lot of it is not even reaching the ground. because the low levels of the atmosphere is so dry. still showers to the north. a few flakes of snow appear here. once this passes tonight. should clear out good deal of sunshine tomorrow. and it will be a couple of degrees. and then on saturday, a little milder air coming in. before another weak fronts and through and cools us down a little more on sunday. west winds, 5 to 10 knots. and small craft advisory, late tonight. bay temp, around 54 degrees. so tonight, cloudy early. clearing later on. 36 by morning, which is still above average. and tomorrow, mostly sunny. a nice day. a bit of a breeze. high of 52.
4:56 pm
so it will be colder tomorrow than it was today. but a dry end of the week. let's talk about the weekend. >> got some bulbs to plant. want to plant those bulbs. >> you should do those immediately. >> i hope to. >> not now. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. wait until you see the mess in this part of baltimore county. i'm derek valcourt. i'll have more on that cleanup from t t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. a powerful storm. deadly moments. police are investigating a
4:59 pm
dog fighting ring after making a gruesome discovery at a rowhouse. >> check near for these stories and more on breaking news. baltimore rebuilds. powerful winds. >> did a tornado cause this disaster? i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. homeowners are pretty convinced that it was a tornado that hit east baltimore. the pictures still hard to believe as we look at them a day later. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. derek valcourt and mike schuh are following the cleanup.


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